Nolhi Experience

We have everything you need for a complete holiday getaway,
so that you can do as much – or as little – as you desire


NOLHI WATERSPORTS is open daily from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. Be spoilt for choice with the array of watersports facilities available at our very own watersports hut located right at the beach. The island’s lagoon is the best in the Maldives for any water sport activity.

From snorkeling with the seasonal gatherings of manta rays and the abundant tropical coral and fishes, to more adrenalin pumping fun family activities such as Stand-up Paddle Boarding, canoeing, sailing and a host of tubes and towables for exhilarating riding fun.

Dolphin cruises, sunset fishing and private island excursions, as well as diving programs will soon be available for guests aged eight and over. Guests will have plenty of reasons to plunge into the crystal clear turquoise lagoon and forget about everything else.

Excursions & Day Trips

From relaxing resort excursions to adventures activities like picnic excursions, dolphin watching, manta excursions, island hopping, visits to islands of historical importance, snorkeling, dining on the sandbank and night fishing, all our activities are aimed at making your holiday a perfect one in the Maldives.


The Maldives’ 1,190 islands feature countless historical sites, sandbanks and reef tops where you can enjoy unlimited land or sea activities – snorkel at isolated reefs, visit traditional Maldivian villages or relax in private on a deserted sandbank.

Our own speed boat, allows you to island-hop in comfort. Set lunches can be served on board.

Dolphin Watching Cruise

Hundreds of dolphins live in the waters near Nolhivaranfaru. Join one of our guides for a short briefing on this fascinating marine animal, then hop on board our speedboat or onto our traditional dhoni and cruise into the sunset, watching schools of dolphins swimming around you. This excursion takes about 2-3 hours.

Snorkelling on the House Reef

Discover the beauty of the island’s underwater marine life just steps from the island’s shoreline in this one-hour guided excursion, available every morning on request. Snorkelling experience is required.

Robinson Crusoe Type Excursions

Imagine spending a day on a deserted, palm-fringed tropical island with family or friends. Just a few minutes away are small, postcard-perfect islands surrounded by vibrant coral reefs and  shallow and sandy lagoons. As our staff prepares a barbecue, you may snorkel, relax or stroll around the island in total privacy. At the end of the day, our boat will pick you up and bring you back to Nolhi Escape in time for your evening meal.

Snorkelling Excursions

Cruise by dhoni to a nearby coral reef and explore the underwater world with one of our guides. On the way back, enjoy tea and snacks at sea while engaging in a fish talk with our friendly guides. The excursion takes about an hour and a half. Snorkelling experience is required.

Beach Dinners

There’s more than one sandy, secluded spot on the island– whether steps away from NolhiEscape or a sunset sail away on the island’s very own sand bank. Choose your location, design your perfect menu and leave the rest to us for a dreamy dinner for two.

Sunset and Night Fishing

Cast off and catch your dinner – our chefs will be ready to cook it to taste. A line and some bait are all you need to participate in the sunset fishing experience. Catch one if you can, and our chef will be delighted to prepare it to your liking. The excursion takes about two hours by dhoni and provides a picturesque vantage point from which to appreciate our tropical paradise. It’s pretty relaxing too…until the time comes to reel something in!

Weddings and Special Occasions

There is nothing more beautiful than celebrating those special moments in your life in the most breath taking of sceneries. At Nolhi Escape, we take the pleasure of creating lasting memories and unforgetable experiences. Celebrate your wedding or any other special occasions with us, here in some of the most remote and beautiful parts of the Maldives.

Stand-Up Paddles

Pick your pace – a relaxing ride or high-energy glide – as you career across our calm, clear lagoon of Nolhivaranfaru. SUP provides a great full-body work out and beautiful perspective of our idyllic seascapes. It is an enjoyable, subtle workout that improves balance, endurance and core strength. View marine life and golden sunsets in the calm lagoon. Suitable for all; no experience required.

Free Bicycle Rental

Take a trip down memory lane and release your inner child by taking a ride on our bicycles offered on free of charge basis.

Jogging and Brisk Walking

A leisurely jog or brisk walking around the island at dawn or dusk is one of the best ways to experience Nolhivaranfaru’s amazing sights and sounds. Guides and maps are available. This is a good way to meet and greet the friendly men, women and children who are always ready to spare a smile.

Introduction to Snorkelling

Learn snorkelling techniques and how to use snorkelling equipment, all in the safe environment of the island’s lagoon. Available on request, this one-hour session is free of charge on the day of arrival and is highly recommended for beginners, families with children and for those who wish to refresh their snorkelling skills. An experience snorkelling guide will give a short introduction to the house reef, advise on how best to snorkel and will explain the details of the reef and its ecosystem as you gain your first experience in the water. This is a great opportunity for both beginners and experience snorkelers to understand how to access the house reef safely without damaging this beautiful underwater world.

Baby Sitting/Childcare Services

Allow us to arrange baby sitting services for the little ones while you go and explore the reef or wish to have a romantic moment together. We can provide babysitters during the day or in the evening.